Entrepreneur and Business Instructor Opens his Dream Showroom

We are excited to welcome J.D. Nesbitt to the Heritage | Seattle Team as the instructor for the Fundamentals of Interior Design Program and Business Fundamentals course! We recently learned more about his journey as an interior designer.

JD Nesbitt - Heritage Seattle Team

Throughout his professional career, J.D. has owned several design businesses, with a long-term dream of someday owning a showroom. When he met the Bauformat team, he knew it was the model and product that he had been waiting for. The Bauformat product speaks for itself; gorgeous, modern design.

J.D. discovered Bauformat at the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Vancouver, BC and was instantly impressed by the products being shown. His entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to reach out to Director of US Operations to discuss the possibility of bringing Bauformat to Seattle. It just so happened that they were looking for representation in the Pacific Northwest and J.D. was looking to work with the right European manufacturer – it was a perfect fit!

Last summer 2018 he assembled a team that would bring Bauformat to the PNW for the first time! The journey began with looking for the right commercial space, and a trip to Germany to meet the worldwide headquarters, tour one of the factories and preview all of the upcoming product releases for 2020. He worked closely with the LA office to put together the final designs for the showroom and get the orders into production, while waiting for construction of the space to be completed. In January 2019 they had a soft opening for friends and family and it was a success!

“It’s an incredibly stressful but rewarding experience. We are happy to be on the other side of the journey and have been excitedly welcomed by both the industry and consumers in the area.”

Bauformat closet Seattle

Bauformat specializes in kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and closet systems. They embrace new technology and innovative design, use of space, and integration of convenience into their designs. They value bringing the best materials, finishes and designs to the market with a focus on sustainability.

J.D. is so excited to bring this amazing line to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest market. He believes Bauformat will be a wonderful resource for Heritage students as well!

“We are already working with the school to host field trips for students enrolled in the program. As a Lutron showroom, we will also be holding demos for the students to learn about controlled lighting and window treatment systems. We are excited to introduce our product lines to Heritage students so we can continue to support them as they move into careers within the industry.” 

J.D’s story of bringing his dream showroom to life inspires us to follow our dreams! Next time you’re in Seattle we hope you’ll visit Bauformat!

Visit the Bauformat website to learn more about the amazing Seattle showroom!

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