Stephanie Spent Many Years in the Healthcare Industry but Always Had One Foot in the World of Design

Stephanie Kennedy spent most of her life in California, but ended up settling down in Puget Sound. After her move to the Seattle area, Stephanie began her career in the healthcare insurance industry at Group Health Cooperative/Kaiser Permanente. Over the past two decades, her roles in the healthcare industry have allowed Stephanie to hone her project management prowess, finesse her customer service techniques and cultivate an ability to manage multiple accounts with efficiency and timeliness. While she enjoyed her time at Kaiser Permanente, Stephanie always had one foot in the world of design.

Early in her exploration of interior design, Stephanie took on small design projects in her spare time. From painting and tiling, to upholstering and refinishing furniture, she continued to build her repertoire. As her confidence grew, the breadth of client requests also increased. Larger, more complex projects, such as window installation and floor refinishing, became the norm. During this time, she also discovered an interest in cake decorating. What started out as simple designs for her children’s cakes turned into a custom cakes and desserts small business. Challenging herself to create one-of-a-kind designs with each customer request has been a consistent motivation to push her creative boundaries and expand her skill set.

A mother of six, Stephanie sees parenting as the most rewarding challenge she has ever faced. Learning how to identify opportunities to help her children end the cycle of poverty and develop into productive, compassionate beings proved difficult but is now her proudest accomplishment.

Parenthood is now my proudest accomplishment. I am proud to have six unique, kind and accomplished children.

Once her youngest was off to college, Stephanie finally decided to pursue her passion for interior design. With this new goal in mind, Stephanie found an ad for the Portland Heritage location and signed up for the home staging course. The staging class reignited her drive to further her design education. Today Stephanie is currently enrolled in the Fundamentals of Interior Design course at the Seattle Heritage location.

Stephanie draws her inspiration from her mother. She learned early on that a good design does not have to cost a fortune. Stephanie believes that any space you live in can, and should be, a representation of who you are, regardless of income restraints.

Any space you live in can, and should be, a representation of who you are, regardless of income restraints.

After completing her design education, Stephanie aims to work for a residential staging and interior design firm. She is a social butterfly and loves meeting with clients to talk about their homes, goals and wishlists. We can’t wait to see where she ends up!

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