Ann’s All-Encompassing Passion for the Pursuit of Beauty Led her to Heritage School of Interior Design Denver

Meet Ann Tristani, our first enrollee at Heritage School of Interior Design Denver! Ann is passionate about all things beautiful and throughout her career, has pursued the art of creating beauty in many forms. She is a professional fine artist and oil painting instructor, whose oil paintings have been juried into national and regional shows, and are represented by several fine art galleries.

Ann is captivated by beautiful composition, stunning color combinations, and unique textures and shapes. As an experienced floral designer, she has created everything from show-stopping centerpieces to elaborate table-scapes.  Working in the retail industry has given her experience in client-facing sales as well as product merchandising.

As a lover of beautiful homes, Ann has designed floor plans and renovations in spaces ranging from new construction to her current 109 year old home. Her artistic ability and creativity as well as her eye for fresh, comfortable and functional spaces is clearly reflected in her interior design work. Ann’s quest for beauty in a home does not end within its walls, as she also creates landscape designs that expand visual interest and living space outdoors.

Ann is currently completing the Masters of Interior Design Certificate program to transfer her many experiences, skills and talents into a marketable position. Her artistic background and vibrant personality have added rich perspective to our classroom. She shares her natural understanding of design elements in her projects and brings energy and positivity to everyone she meets.

Along with Ann’s all-encompassing passion for the pursuit of beauty she says “she is also one of the hardest working, most self motivated individuals you will probably ever meet”! We agree!

We are so excited to see which direction Ann’s new career will take her!

You can learn more about Ann by visiting her website at: www.anntristani.com




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