The Creation of Shriver Custom Design Co.

Bryan comes from a family of artists and has been in the painting business for several years. While he loves painting and using his eye for color on a daily basis, he always knew that he wanted to do more. His dream was to offer interior design services in addition to painting so that he could be more of a full service design company for his clients. This dream is what inspired Bryan to consider going back to school, and through his research he found Heritage. 

Bryan grew up in Pittsburgh and values the morals he grew up with – honesty, hard working and transparency. His father and brothers also worked in the painting business, and his mother was a natural interior designer. Sadly at the age of 18, Bryan’s brother was killed in a car accident which caused depression throughout his family and completely shifted the family dynamic. This tragedy made it hard for Bryan to stay in his hometown. To clear his mind, Bryan decided to attend Bible school throughout Europe including England, Spain and Argentina. He later went to went to Montana to continue his focus on spiritual foundation and change. Spending time away from home and outside of the United States gave him a whole new perspective on the world.

His travels continued and brought him to Corvallis, Oregon for a wedding. He instantly fell in love with Oregon and said, “I always wanted a place like Oregon to exist but I never knew it actually did.” Three weeks later he moved to Portland! After exploring the world and finding his dream city, he was eager to explore the path to his dream career. 

Bryan got his painting business up and running in Portland, but only wanted to continue if he could incorporate more design. He knew that Heritage would give him the design skills he was looking for. At first, he wasn’t even quite sure what it meant to be an interior designer. He thought it was just decorating interior spaces but quickly learned that it’s so much more that that. Bryan found inspiration from historical designers and the level of detail and involvement that they had with their projects. He also found a strong connection with material and hard surface selection, and is excited to be able to help his clients with these decisions. Bryan enjoys collaborating and brining new ideas to the table. He wants his fingerprints to be all over the projects he completes. 

Bryan found that immersing himself in an environment with a supportive group of students who were just as passionate about interior design as he was gave him the confidence he needed to take his career to the next level. To Learn more about Shriver Custom Design Co., visit their website here!




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