A Love for Portland and a Talent for Design led Keasha to Heritage

Keasha moved to Portland just a few weeks before the start of the Certification Course at Heritage. Among the many reasons that led Keasha to her decision to enroll at Heritage, a love for Portland was one of them.

Keasha’s passion for interior design started with her parents love for victorian style lampshades. Her father had a dream of opening a shop where they could sell their beautiful, handmade shades, but he sadly passed away before he was able to do so. Following his passing, Keasha’s mother taught her everything she knew about the trade of making lampshades. This inspired Keasha to open an Etsy shop in honor of her father, named “Shady Daze Shop”. Keasha often uses Victorian style shade framework with vintage fabric and fringe. She describes her lampshades as a mix of “Marie Antoinette meets Stevie Nicks” and the style represents the late 1960’s and Victorian era.

Before attending Heritage and making the move to Portland, Keasha was working as a buyer at a vintage clothing store. While working there, she was on the search for an interior design school in Oregon and was excited to find Heritage. She knew that through the program she would learn everything she needed to accomplish her dream of becoming an interior designer. Considering she has been looking for a reason to move to Portland anyways, enrolling at Heritage seemed like it was meant to be.

Keasha is thriving in her new environment at Heritage. “I am seriously loving every minute of Heritage. It’s very exciting for me because this is exactly the type of school I was meant to attend.” Keasha is interested in eventually doing set design. We are very excited for Keasha and her new journey and we look forward to watching her excel as an interior designer!

Click here to view Keasha’s beautiful lampshades at Shady Daze Shop



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