A Mother’s Dedication to Home Inspires Daughter’s Career

Kelsey Karst, 24, recently graduated from Heritage School of Interior Design in Denver. Kelsey has lived in Colorado for the past 10 years and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon. Her love for interior design was inspired by her mother. As a child, Kelsey moved across the country every few years with her family for her father’s job. As a result, her surroundings were constantly changing, often feeling unfamiliar and foreign. Nonetheless, Kelsey and her siblings knew they could rely on having a comfortable, loving home to come back to each day. Her mom, an Interior Designer herself, poured her heart into the Karst family homes. She designed each new house so that her family would feel the comfort of a home, wherever that new home may be. Kelsey now takes this same approach with the homes she designs, pouring her heart into every space to ensure the feeling of home that is perfectly captured. She believes that interior design has the power to transform daily life no matter the circumstances and loves being part of that beautiful transformation.

Kelsey received her Bachelor of Art in Advertising and minor in Communications, with the highest honors, from the University of Colorado in Boulder. After her studies, she moved to Los Angeles to work as the Marketing Director for one of the top real estate teams in the nation. Working alongside elite interior staging companies in LA encouraged Kelsey to pursue her dream career as an Interior Designer.

Kelsey shares that she is, “so thankful for this accelerated program as I was able to learn so much in a such a short amount of time. I got a job right after the 12-week Fundamentals Program!”. She flourished in the Heritage curriculum but also reflects that spending so much time with her classmates over that 12-week period led to friendships she will cherish forever. She credits the weekly field trips for the connections with designers and vendors across the Denver community, stating “connections made through this program really help prepare you to launch whatever design career imaginable”.

Kelsey is very much looking forward the next chapter of her career as a Design Merchandiser for Richmond Homes, and shares “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Heritage”. She credits Heritage as an incredible experience that prepared her for this next role… “the support you receive at Heritage is unparalleled”. As a Design Merchandiser for Richmond American Homes, Kelsey will be assisting in model home design across the country. She will be traveling across 10 states for Richmond American Homes, which design roughly 200 Model Homes each year. Kelsey will oversee final installation, making sure that every detail, down to the napkin rings, looks immaculate; ready to show potential buyers their dream home. She resonates deeply with the company’s mission as it echoes her design approach, creating the feeling of home.

Kelsey eventually plans to begin a company with her mother flipping homes across Colorado. They aspire to create homes together for other families, just as her mother created homes for their family. We are so impressed with Kelsey and her incredible journey thus far. We cannot wait to see where the future takes her.

And from Kelsey herself, “Thanks for reading my short life story and more importantly, thank you Heritage for launching my dream career in Interior Design”.

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