Kitchen Render

SketchUp | Denver


This 6-week course is for students who are looking to learn 3-D drafting skills with SketchUp. Students will learn techniques tailored to aid in the design and presentation of client projects. The first portion of class will be dedicated to learning SketchUp’s 3D modeling techniques. You will learn shortcuts, different ways to use the basic tools, and techniques that will make 3D modeling much more efficient and timely. Next, we will cover the use of SketchUp to create images for presentations. You will learn how to create 2D and 3D plans and elevations, how to add and create textures, and  how to practice with some of SketchUp’s more advanced built in rendering techniques. Finally, you will learn photo-realistic rendering.


Prior to the first day of class, your instructor will send you instructions on how to download the free SketchUp software for students.


Fridays, 1:30pm – 3:30pm / $545
Winter: February 22 – March 29, 2019

Week 1 – Tools, Shapes, Cabinets

  • Review of commonly used tools
  • Grouping and components
  • Creating a room and basic cabinet shapes

Week 2 – Tools, Shortcuts, Moulding

  • Using the line tool, move/copy tool, and the offset tool to create cabinet faces
  • Learning shortcuts for the push/pull tool and the offset tool
  • Using the follow me tool to create moulding and turned objects

Week 3 – Creating a Vanity with Hardware

  • Creating a vanity
  • Making handles/pulls
  • Placing hardware
  • Adding and editing textures

Week 4 – Creating a Kitchen, Scenes, Elevations

  • Creating a kitchen from floor plan
  • Creating scenes
  • Adding dimensions and making elevations/sections
  • Adding SketchUp render details
  • Exporting rendered images/pdfs

Week 5 – Rendering

  • Using the Maxwell menu
  • Prepping 3D model for rendering
  • Practice rendering

Week 6 – Final Project Presentation

Heritage students have a natural talent for design but need an education to translate their passion into exceptional design work.