As a retired Army Vet, nothing is Standing in Nikki’s way of Becoming an Interior Designer!

Nikki Childress is currently attending Heritage | Denver.  Her path to this point has been led by her courage, her desire to explore, and her heart.  Nikki grew up in Fort Worth Texas, where she lived until she graduated from High School. After graduation, Nikki made the brave decision to join the Army.  She was first stationed in Oklahoma and then Wiesbaden, Germany.  From Germany, her unit was deployed to Iraq for a year.  After she completed her contract, she enrolled in the University of Texas and Arlington and earned a degree in early childhood education.  Like many Heritage students, Nikki realized that her chosen career path would not completely fulfill her creative side.  

Nikki has always enjoyed curating her own spaces and creating inviting environments that she loves coming back to each day.  After purchasing her own home here in Denver and having full reign to change and improve the design and layout of her home, Nikki realized a career in Interior Design was possible.  This realization gave Nikki the creative career direction for which she had been searching.    

Before enrolling at Heritage, Nikki knew she was ready for a major change and that change needed to be in a creative career field.  She was eager and ready to launch this new career. Nikki has always allowed her gut, heart, and instincts to lead the choices that determine her life’s path.  After finding Heritage and visiting the campus, she knew in her heart that she had found exactly what she was looking for.  She found a program that would give her the knowledge base she needed to pursue her passion in a mere six months.  

Early on in the program, Nikki recognized that by joining Heritage she was part of an incredibly supportive, strong, smart and creative classroom.  She recognized the speed of the program would be challenging, but knew that going through it in such a positive and encouraging environment would make the process fun and rewarding.  Although the program is a lot of work, Nikki celebrates the fact that it is work that she enjoys and wants to learn because it is what will launch her into her Interior Design career.  

What originally brought Nikki to Heritage was the idea of becoming a residential designer.  However, she plans to complete the Masters Program with an open mind and see what elements of design truly spark her interest.  We are excited to watch Nikki grow as an Interior Designer.  As a retired Army Vet, we know nothing is standing in her way!  

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