Wardrobe Stylist Anna Bugge integrates Interior Design into
her Styling Portfolio

Anna Bugge grew up in North Dakota, then attended undergrad at the University of Puget Sound where she studied English Rhetoric and Environmental Studies before moving to New York City. NYC is where she was introduced to wardrobe styling, which quickly became her career path and passion. While working at the Patagonia store in Soho, Anna became acquainted with a few celebrity stylists who shopped at her location. After spending some time with them she thought, “I could totally do that”. So she did! Having been a wardrobe stylist for over a decade now, Anna chooses the clothing and props for photoshoots and commercials. She works with photographers, directors and clients to bring their advertising message across, managing the fashion and the visual aspects of a shoot.

Anna assisted in NY before moving to Aspen, Colorado where she began her own styling company. Anna’s niche is lifestyle styling. She describes it as everyday styling, “living in the real-world space”. Anna explains lifestyle styling as a variety of different looks from business casual, to the weekend mom, to kids at the park. Anna has had an impressive career working with major companies including Subaru, Apple, Google and KitchenAid on projects all over the world. Her favorite recent project was with Apple in Argentina, where the crew took a real family and shot their vacation. She loved how close the crew became with the family and the authenticity that shined through in the images.

Anna shares that she is lucky enough to be married to a hilarious, caring man, Dale, who is a wonderful father. Together they have a wild and imaginative 2-year-old son, Crosby Red.  As a young mother busy with school, she says “Crosby keeps us on our toes”.  Anna and her family spend their free time together hiking, playing at the park, coloring and cooking. With her growing role as a mom, she is seeking a career with less travel and that is less dependent on her being on-site. Anna has always been “obsessed with the feeling and vibe of the spaces she is in” and loves the idea of making a space stylish, livable and fun. Being passionate about interiors, she feels that interior design is a natural shift from wardrobe styling. 

Anna still plans to take on a few wardrobe styling jobs here and there but shares that her passion for interiors has really grown through travel and designing her family homes over the years. As she transitions from wardrobes to interiors, she can already see the similarities. With her previous experience, she sees one of her biggest strengths being client interface and selling her ideas and vision. 

Following graduation Anna plans to integrate interior design into her styling portfolio. Anna “lives, breathes and sleeps color selection!!!”, and could see herself specializing in color consulting. However, being highly entrepreneurial, Anna is really open to wherever her journey after Heritage takes her. Because greys and whites have been popular for so long, she is excited to see color coming back into interiors. As for her favorites… They are always changing and seasonal, but Anna is currently loving navy as a neutral. 

We are so lucky to have Anna here in our Denver classroom and as we near the end of Spring term, we can’t wait to see what is next for her! 



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