Interior Design was the Career Path Katie had Been Searching For

Katie Martin is a talented artist with many passions including singing soprano in Consonare Chorale, cross stitching, and baking (her classmates love her banana cake). Most recently, she discovered her love for Interior Design and is now happily working with the home staging team for Greylyn Wayne, the Interior Design and Staging business tied to the furniture store, What’s New? Furniture.

Katie was always interested in design but it took her some time to figure out what career path she wanted to follow. She considered going to fashion design school, but instead went to college and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Education. However, she quickly realized that this path wasn’t quite right for her. After a series of life goal meetings with a friend and compiling a list of her favorite things to do and the skills she had, she discovered that interior design was the path she was looking for.

This discovery led Katie to enroll at Heritage. She describes her experience at Heritage as “fantastic.”

“I felt the breadth of knowledge we were able to gain was rather extensive for such a short time, and the personal resources were outstanding. The vendors, showrooms, designers, and craftsman we were able to see and speak with is definitely my most valuable takeaway. This is even how I got my new position on a home staging team; one of my classmates was generous enough to share that his boss was trying to expand their staging team and highly recommended me. I couldn’t ask for better support from my peers.”

As the newest addition to the home staging team working under the keen eye of Jody Wallace, owner of both businesses, Katie’s role has primarily been to learn and help at every moment. This includes anything from packing totes for staging jobs, helping find new pieces to add to the warehouse, building furniture, and of course staging & de-staging homes. “It is very tiring, and usually full of an absurd amount of questions, but quite satisfying.” 

Katie’s long term goal is to continue down the home staging path and open her own staging company.  She also enjoys organization, and is interested in incorporating this into her career as a designer.

We are so proud of Katie and her achievements and look forward to watching her grow in the industry!

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