A Year of Change Propelled Jenny Puerner into a Successful Design Career

Jenny Puerner has had a busy year: getting married, moving to Portland, purchasing a home, getting a puppy, and graduating from Heritage School of Interior Design.  Whew!

A native of Orange County, California, Jenny moved to Las Vegas to attend the University of Las Vegas Nevada in the health care field.  In her time in Las Vegas, she worked for the number one nightclub in the world as a cocktail waitress.  Through her experiences she was able to meet people from all over, as well as travel to places such as Miami, Mexico, Texas, New York, Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica.  During her 10 years in the nightlife industry she always had a keen eye for design.

Jenny’s interest in interior design was magnified after she successfully flipped two homes in the southwest.  After moving to Portland with her husband, Dustin, his support and encouragement pushed her to apply for the program at Heritage and become an interior designer.  And she hasn’t turned back.

Through the Heritage program, Jenny was able to develop a wide range of design skills that she is now utilizing in the real world.  During a class visit to Z Collection showroom Zee, the owner, mentioned there was an internship available and Jenny jumped at the opportunity. Z Collection was featured in three homes at the 2017 Street of Dreams and Jenny helped set up displays in each of the homes on the final day before the Grand Opening. “It was an experience I will never forget and I’m so thankful to have been part of the Street of Dreams.” Once her internship ended at Z Collection, she interned at Nest Showroom, and is now working as an in-home designer for Pottery Barn.

“I am very proud and happy to say I graduated from Heritage School of Interior Design.  I am up for any challenge or design opportunity that comes my way.”

Her future goal is to specialize in kitchen and bath design.  She would also like to get back into flipping homes and is currently working towards setting up initial stages of her own business.

If she can do all she did in just a year’s time, we are confident Jenny will be successful in any design area she pursues.  Congratulations Jenny!


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