A Story of Love, Commitment and Determination

Sukriti is an Interior Designer who grew up in a small town called Sambalpur in the eastern state of Odisha, India. She grew up looking for any opportunity to be creative and always enjoyed DIY projects. Her family recognized her talent for design and encouraged her to consider Interior Design as her career. With their encouragement, she enrolled at a reputed design college in India, APIED, and was exposed to the world of interior design. This exposure confirmed her passion for Interior Design and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. She then moved to Mumbai, a metropolitan city in India, where she worked with many renowned architects and designers in the industry.

A year ago, Sukriti married the love of her life, Ankit, who received a wonderful job opportunity in the US, which required them to move to Seattle. Sukriti wanted to continue her career as a designer but needed to learn about the market and industry standards here in the US. She began researching design schools and came across Heritage School of Interior Design in Portland. She was excited to learn about Heritage and valued the idea of a more hands on, practical learning experience. Sukriti and Ankit had set up  a home in Seattle for Ankit’s job, so Sukriti temporarily moved to Portland to attend Heritage.

Sukriti’s journey at Heritage has been unique in that she has completed the entire Masters Program in just three months! Not only has she finished all nine courses, but she has received outstanding grades, designed beautiful spaces, and dedicated time to going above and beyond the requirements. During her first phone interview she remembers Stephanie telling her that no one had ever competed the program in such a short amount of time, but Sukriti was determined to do it. Her technical skills, past experience working as a designer, and the overwhelming love and support from her family, classmates, and Heritage staff gave her the strength she needed to stay focused on her goal.

“I believe that if one has a strong determination, dedication and most importantly, passion for what they are doing, nothing is impossible!”

Sukriti also grew close to her classmates and considers them to be great friends that she hopes to stay connected to.

“Coming from India with a different background, culture and experience in Interior Design, I feel wonderful being accepted, acknowledged and appreciated. I honestly feel like this group of people I have met and been with at Heritage have become a part of me. I’m proud to be a part of the Heritage family!”

We are so impressed by Sukriti’s commitment and we know that she is going to flourish as an interior designer! Her career goals include working at an architecture or design firm and eventually starting her own business.


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