Laura Bowman Followed Her Heart and it Led Her to Heritage!

Laura was born and raised in Seattle, WA surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Growing up she was always encouraged to follow her heart, which recently led her to Heritage School of Interior Design | Seattle!

Prior to moving back to Seattle, Laura spent 10 years living in California where she had the opportunity to delve deeper into her creative self. 

“I found ‘my style’ both in fashion and design and discovered a passion for beautiful things that inspire me. I believe each item in a home should have meaning and purpose. Developing your space means creating an extension of you.”

Before Laura explored Interior Design as a profession, she was always drawn to creative careers from marketing to teaching yoga. She also started a lifestyle blog in 2012, The Girl with the Curls, where she shared design ideas, DIY projects, and more.

Shortly after Laura moved back to Seattle, she started working on a project with a contractor as a design consultant. As a design consultant she helped the client hone in and decide on the design style for their new home.

“I was staying up late doing research, waking up with it on my mind, and dreaming about it in-between. I knew right away I needed to chase this dream and really follow my heart.”

This project helped Laura realize that she needed to turn her passion for Interior Design into a career. She knew that this career path would allow her to be fulfilled by being creative, innovative, personable, relatable, and adaptable, all while designing beautiful spaces.

The timing of the new Heritage School of Interior Design location in Seattle couldn’t have been better! Through a quick Google search Laura found Heritage and quickly enrolled to take this next towards turning her dream into a reality.

Although Laura is only a couple week into the program, once she graduates she plans to hit the ground running and open her own full service design business.

“My passion is to share the enthusiasm I have for making your house a home and creating a smile every time you walk through the door.”

We are so excited to watch Laura grow as an Interior Designer and advance in her new career!

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