Heritage School of Interior Design is seeking partners for nationwide expansion

Hstephanie-and-jim-plymale-hertiage-school-of-interior-design-1*750xx4369-2462-229-542eritage School of Interior Design has been educating aspiring interior designers for over 20 years. The vision of Heritage School of Interior Design is to empower the creativity of aspiring interior designers with a quality, hands-on education to achieve personal growth and professional success. Our business is built upon a shared set of core values:

-Empower the success of others
-Pursue growth and learning
-Be creative and open-minded
-Be passionate and determined
-Have the courage to change course
-Be humble and collaborative

With this vision and these values, Heritage School of Interior Design has built a growing and profitable business model at our location in Portland, OR. We have created a 12 week certification curriculum and program for Interior Custom Design that has been accredited with the Oregon Higher Education Coordination Commission. The course is offered three times a year and we are experiencing growing enrollment and increasing interest outside of the Portland, OR metropolitan area.

Based on our success, we believe there are opportunities LSP_7198for like-minded partners who share our mission and values and are interested in leveraging our investments to create additional Heritage School of Interior Design locations in new cities.

For a modest initial investment, and a small share of ongoing revenue, we are willing to sublicense the Heritage School of Interior Design name and brand, marketing resources, curriculum and provide the training, support and expertise needed to launch satellite schools in new locations.

If you have considered building your own business in the field of interior design and education and are interested in the mission and program offered by Heritage School of Interior Design, we would welcome a discussion with you. Please click the button below to fill out the form to indicate your interest, and our ownership team will contact you to explore a partnership opportunity.


Contact Jim Plymale for more information