Week #1:

-Creating a drawing template to be used moving forward – start with the template partially created and then finish together in class/ homework.

-Set up layers. Create walls, doors, windows of final project floor plan (pre-established floorplan of first floor of a house) using commands (line, offset, fillet, etc).  Set all line work to correct layers.

-Add trim work to floor plan using commands (line, group, copy, move, mirror, rotate).  Set all line work to correct layer.

-Draw out kitchen plan per pre-established kitchen layout – students do not need to spend time creating a new kitchen layout (this is done in the kitchen and bath class).  They just need to redraw the pre-established layout.  Use commands (line, offset, fillet, copy, move, rotate, join, group, text box, etc). Set all line work to correct layer(s).


-Finish drawing out first floor if needed
-Finish kitchen layout if needed.
-Add all flooring notes to plan and set into correct layers.

Week #2:

-Add appliances to kitchen per pre-established kitchen plan.  Appliance blocks provided in drawing template. Set to correct layer.

-Create lighting/electrical plan for the home using commands (copy, move, rotate, mirror, and spline).  Electrical symbols provided to the students in the drawing template.  Set all electrical symbols and line work to correct layers.

-Create furniture plan including area rugs using commands (circle, array, line, offset, copy, move, fillet, hatch).  Students can establish a furniture plan using their own designer creativity and following space planning guidelines taught in certification class.


-Finish electrical plan if needed.
-Finish adding appliances to kitchen if needed.
-Finish furniture plan

Week #3:

-Elevations.  Review general concept of an elevation

-Draw out elevations using commands (line, offset, fillet, join, insert, copy, move, mirror, group, etc.).  Set line work, blocks, and groups into layers.

-Dimension elevations


-Finish elevations

Week #4:

-Paper space, Edit title block, Create drawing set, Print to PDF

-Assist with any questions regarding the final project.

Week #5 / Final Project:

-Draw out floor plan of the first floor of a home.

-Walls, Windows, Doors, Trim work, Kitchen, Dining, Living room, Powder room, Stairs

-Indicate all floor finishes on floorplan

-Create a lighting/ electrical plan for the home – ceiling lights/fixtures, wall sconces, switches, specific outlets outside of code required outlets every 12’.

-Create a furniture plan


-2 kitchen elevations – I will give them the kitchen plan and elevations, they just need to draw.
-1 family room elevation with built-ins of some kind – up to designers to determine.

-Dimension all drawings

-Include all required text and labels

-Drawing set to include the following sheets: as built (walls, doors, windows only), electrical plan, new floor plan (kitchen layout, furniture plan, 2 kitchen elevations, 1 family room elevation.  All drawings printed to PDF from paper space with title blocks.


Fridays, 12:30pm – 2:30pm / $399
Fall: Nov. 3 – Dec. 1, 2017
Winter: Feb. 23 – March 23, 2018
Spring: June 1 – June 29, 2018


-Students will already have AutoCAD installed on computer.

-Students will have taken intro to AutoCAD and Sketchup.

-Beginning of drawing template will be provided to students – we will finish creating the drawing template in week #1.

-Drawing template to include: title block, layers, settings, appliance blocks/groups needed, electrical symbols needed, and furniture blocks potentially needed.

-Block files will be sent to students so that they can insert into their drawings.


  • AutoCAD Software
  • Laptop and 3 button mouse
  • Powerpoint slides for each lecture will be provided

Prior to the first day of class, your instructor will send you instructions on how to download the free AutoCAD software for students.

Kitchen designed by Hannah Hacker

“The starting point of achievement is desire.”