At Heritage School of Interior Design, our goal is to prepare you for success in a career as an interior design professional. Our Masters Program teaches you the fundamentals of interior design, the technology of design and the business of design in a time efficient and cost effective way. Interior Designers work with the spatial organization, colors, patterns, textures and harmony that define the space in which we live and work. As a student of the program, you’ll learn how to combine these elements to create beautiful and functional spaces that express the individual desires and style of your client. The program’s focus is on all aspects of interior spaces for residential and commercial design.

The vision of Heritage School of Interior Design is to empower the creativity of aspiring interior designers with a quality, hands-on education to achieve personal growth and professional success.

The instructional design program is personalized to ensure a learning environment in which your professional goals can be met. While the development of design and sales skills are the primary focus, we believe that other areas deserve equal attention.

Customer service, communication skills and styles, professional practices, business procedures, product knowledge, presentation strategies and paperwork are covered throughout the program. In order to meet these objectives, a highly individualized mode of instruction with limited enrollment is offered. This creates a learning environment that encourages a professional attitude and habits and meets the individual needs of each student.

Heritage School of Interior Design is licensed and accredited through the State of Oregon Department of Education as a Private Career School. Upon completion of the Certification program, students receive a Certificate in Interior Custom Design.




Empower the success of others
Pursue growth and learning
Be creative and open-minded
Be passionate and determined
Have the courage to change course
Be humble and collaborative